Number Jong

This is what happens when you combine Valcour Games' hit app "Number Swipe" with the classic board game, mahjong.

The goal behind Number Jong is to remove all the tile pieces from the board by finding and removing two tiles that add up to 10. As tile pieces are removed more will become available. See how fast you can clear the board but be careful not to get stuck without any moves left.

Choose from 22 Boards on each of the 3 different Levels. 66 boards in all.

On iPad only, there is one more Level with an additional 22 Boards.

Great for kids learning their numbers, great for mahjong fans that would like a twist, and great for casual gamers who need a relaxer. Not too hard but not too easy, just the right amount of thinking required.

"Keeps me thinking. I really enjoy pushing to clear the board faster this time than last"
"If you are looking for a simple but enjoyable way to kill time or just relax and play something without all the rules etc.etc. you should enjoy this."