• Hexy


    Tap the Hexagons to rotate them into the right position. Complete the puzzle when all the Curved and/or straight lines are connected. See how many you can solve!

  • Number Swipe

    Number Swipe

    Swipe matching numbers or numbers that add up to a multiple of 10 to remove them from the board. Tons of fun and a great mental exercise.

  • Always Free

    Always Free

    Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "Valcour Games" to see our applications. Download for free the ones that look fun and start playing right away!

Free to Play

All of our games are free to download and play. We make money off advertisements. However, if you'd like you have the option to remove the ads for a small price.

Mobile and Casual

Our games are designed for the casual mobile gamer. Perfect for when you need a quick break or need something to play on the go.

Simple to Use

Building specifically for the touch screen on Android and iOS devices makes our games simple to use. While it's easy to get started these games offer enough depth to make them difficult to master.

Our Applications

We pride ourselves in making great apps. Try any of our free games available on iOS and Android. 

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Valcour Games does WebVR
Jan 24, 2017, 10:54 AM
Valcour Games has submitted our WebVR concept Dashboard VR to the Virtuleap Hackathon.
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